Weekly Recap

Only 14 days until LA! Very excited to be approaching the attempt at the record. Will be nice to get out of the cold and into the warm California sun. Hopefully it isn’t too warm, I don’t want to melt. :)

So this week I brought the mileage down per the plan, hitting 65 miles over 10 runs. My long run was 15 miles. I feel it is important to keep your body primed and efficient (the science says you can gain fitness up to the last 10 days before the marathon).

Next week will see another reduction in the overall mileage, and the long run. I will likely drop one of the runs as well to give my body more recovery. Speaking of recovery, I did have a massage today, which is a huge help.

Food highlight this week was the Reese’s McFlurry. I think the M&M McFlurry is next. It has been more than a month since I’ve had M&M’s. I consider M&M’s to be a food group. I’ve even thought about just ordering a small cup of M&M’s at McDonald’s, but my pride has prevented this so far. “Ah, I’m only eating McDonald’s for 45 days, and ah, I really like M&M’s…” Awkward.

Oh, I am scheduled to pick up my Shamrock Shake costume tomorrow. Really excited to see how it turns out. My 4-year-old is too!

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