The Draw of the Marathon

I arrived in Arizona today. Just as advertised, sun shining and weather in the 80′s. After a trip to McD’s and a quick nap, I laced up my shoes for a short run. As I adjusted to being in warm weather and took in the desert surroundings, I began to think about the race on Sunday.

I thought about the shake costume. Will I get hot? What I am going to eat in the morning? Couple of hotcakes and an english muffin. How steep was the hill late in the race? I don’t remember. And so on it went.

Even after running 17 marathons, there are still questions before the race. Anxiety is still part of the pre-race ritual. After all, it is a marathon! 26.2 miles is nothing to take lightly. Early on, I learned a valuable lesson from a great runner — “Respect the distance.”

As I came back to reality and neared the end of today’s run, a different feeling took over — I can’t believe that I’m about to line up for my 18th marathon. I’ve run how many marathons?!

Guess the rituals and rewards of the marathon are part of what keeps me returning for more!

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