But Wait, There’s More!

With McRunner Mania ramping up, my manager has been approached with some ideas on how to grow the McRunner brand. Since I’ve been transparent with everything so far, I thought this shouldn’t be any different. So, take a look and let me know what you think about these opportunities.

McRunner Meal: It includes 2 hamburgers, half a small fry, two chocolate chip cookies, and a bucket (no substitutions). Here’s the cool part, it comes with a free stopwatch. I think this is promising.

McRunner Comic Book: This just seems like a bad idea. The hero always dies when sales slump.

McRunner Baby Onesies: I would have total creative control with this product. Thinking there could be one with a little marathon medal, one with a little race bib number, even one with a clever saying like, “Boston 2035″. Think there are possibilities with this. If Martha and Mariah can design, why can’t I??

McRunner Marathon: You know where this is going. I already vetoed it.

McRunner Action Figure: Basic figure comes with one pair of running shoes, short, shirt and iPod. There would be a bunch of accessories for purchase, including racing flats, winter gear (gloves, hat, etc.) and miniature finisher medals. Not sold on this idea.

McRunner Fathead: Lifesize McRunner on your wall…who wouldn’t want this?! Thinking this sells a million units in the first year.

McRunner Groupon: I have NO idea what they’re talking about with this one. But Groupon, is hot…so I’m leaning towards yes!

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13 Responses to But Wait, There’s More!

  1. McRunner McFan says:

    You also need a onesie with a little McRib stain dripping down the front!

  2. Lisa S. says:

    Just take whatever Justin Bieber has and put your pic over his face. Think of the possibilities!!!!

    And don’t forget the McRunner pancakes – sold by the dozen, of course.

  3. Only 1 Filet-o-Fish? Will that increase during this Lenten season?

  4. I am officially obsessed with your blog and spent way too much time reading through it. You are hilarious. I am doing my own special marathon training diet for BOSTON (hoping for sub 3….just four minutes away from my pr) and my diet consists of 70% candy. I LOVE your blog and laughed a million times and kept sharing my favorite parts with my husband. Thanks for making my day!

  5. Melissa says:

    Baby Bentsen in a McRunner “Boston 2035″ onesie in his “Ironman” B.O.B. baby jogger….I can totally picture it!

  6. Angela says:

    If you go for the Lifesize McRunner, is your uncle going to paint it? He’s amazingly talented.

    … And, since your sister has my picture in her living room, does that mean I need to put you on mine?

  7. Mark Remy says:

    Hello Joe,
    Just thought you’d like to know that I wrote about your awesome quest today on my RunnersWorld.com blog, RW Daily: http://rwdaily.runnersworld.com/2011/03/the-mcdonalds-only-marathon-diet-really.html

    You are a braver man than I!

    Also, I’d love to send you signed copies of my two books, “The Runner’s Rule Book” and “The Runner’s Field Manual.” Drop me a line — assuming you can view my e-mail address? — and let me know where I can send ‘em.

    Good luck to you.


  8. Bob Poulson says:

    See you there – I’m coming from Tokyo, aiming for 3:04.
    Have a good race!

  9. Casey says:

    Hey, I just randomly found your site… you are nuts (and I’m seriously jealous). Have you noticed any negative effects on your training from eating this stuff? I have to wonder if high weekly mileage is enough to cancel out any side effects of poor nutrition. If so, I’m going on a burger and fries diet!

  10. Chanthana says:

    I know lots of runners (me included) who would buy a McRunner is McAwesome t-shirt!! Good luck, Joe. Totally rooting for you. This really differentiates yourself from other charity runners. Good stuff.

  11. Okay, you know I already apologized…..via FB :)

    But, what’s up with the ONE filet-o-fish?

  12. miranda says:

    I’m listening to you right now on Klove- shedding tears here- just awesome stuff-

    And I would totally get your meal and the baby onesie-hilarious!!!!

    AND since we watched Super Size Me last week in my freshmen health class (I teach) I cannot wait to share this with them tomorrow!

    Good luck Sunday :)

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