Record Run Update

With barely six weeks until the LA Marathon, I am very happy with where I’m at…

The training is going better than expected. My main concern going into this marathon buildup was my left knee, which I injured last fall. When I decided to run LA, I made sure to adjust my training by cutting back on mileage and workouts. This was easy at first, but as I continue to feel better with every passing day, the temptation is there to boost the miles! Additionally, I continue to stretch, get regular massages, use the foam roller and focus on my supplemental PT exercises.

Things are good on the shake and food side too. Eight Shamrock Shakes to date! I have been having them after dinner, as a dessert. One of these days, I’ll mix it up and try one with breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, I still need to try the steak & egg burrito. Being a creature of habit, I mostly keep with the same foods day after day.

As far as fundraising goes, I’m happy to report that we are almost half way to our goal! I am optimistic this total will grow as we near St. Patrick’s Day and the LA Marathon. Thank you to all those who have donated. To those who have not, grab a Shamrock Shake and donate!

Finally, in case you’re wondering, I am supposed to have the shake costume by the beginning of March. I am having a designer custom-make it with synthetic fabric so it will be more breathable (and hopefully faster!). The other nice part is the fact it will be perfectly fitted. And, well, I couldn’t find an off-the-shelf Shamrock Shake costume!

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