Breaking and Entering

Being new to Netflix, and new to chasing a Guinness World Record, I was intrigued when I found the documentary, “Breaking and Entering.” It follows a diverse group of people chasing records for a variety of reasons. Some are seeking fame and fortune, while others are just having a good time. Overall, the movie is entertaining and worth a watch, even if you aren’t looking to rip a zillion telephone books in a minute or ride a stationary bike for a year straight.

The character that made the movie was George Hood. He was looking to set the record for longest stationary bike ride. It was some ridiculous time, like 100+ hours. They do a great job covering his training and the record attempt. Oh, and they also answer the question of what your rear end looks like after sitting on a bike seat for a few days straight!

A significant portion of the film focuses on Michal “The Joggler” Kapral and his quest for the fastest marathon while juggling three objects. I’ve read about him for some time, so it was interesting to learn more about his rather challenging hobby. A 2:50 marathon is impressive. A 2:50 marathon while juggling three objects is awesome. I think all runners can appreciate his quest.

I recommend “Breaking and Entering” and give it 3.5 shakes out of 4.

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