Weekly Recap

Managed to get in 75 miles this week, my highest total for this buildup. The timing is very good, since there are only three weeks until LA. I will decrease some of the weekday runs just a bit and reduce next week’s long run by a few miles. This is the stage where you have to balance the desire to cram in some extra fitness with being smart.

Okay, time to complete my PT exercises and see who wins the final Oscars.

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“The Last Man Up”

This month’s Runner’s World tells the riveting story of Michael LeMaitre, who disappeared while running the annual Mount Marathon Race in Seward, Alaska. Highly recommended.

Read the whole story here bit.ly/138dEEk

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Why Not

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Going Green

Had my first run in my new Mizuno Precision’s today. This has been my go-to running shoe for the past four or five years. But, I will admit that I ordered these because of the color!


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Shamrock Shake #21

Can’t believe how fast time flies. Today is my 21st Shamrock Shake. It seems like just yesterday I was eagerly awaiting the shake’s arrival. Now, the minty shake is available everywhere, and I’m taking full advantage. :)


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Hike the Grand Canyon — From Your Chair

Last year I had the opportunity to return to the Grand Canyon. The beauty and the challenge of hiking the canyon is something special. So, when I read that Google had a “Street View” Google Maps project planned for the Grand Canyon, I was excited. Well, it turns out they recently made more than 75 miles of trails and roads available.

Spend a few minutes exploring… Trek the Bright Angel Trail down to the Colorado River. Take a break at Phantom Ranch. And still have time for your evening run!

View Larger Map

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Jaw Dropping

Watch this “60 Minutes” piece on Alex Honnold, an amazing climber who uses only his hands and feet to tackle some of the toughest routes imaginable.

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The Future of Awesome III

Alright, it is now Day 17 of 24×7 Shamrock Shakes and McD’s. Still going great. As I’ve settled into my routine, I am still discovering some things I miss eating. So, I want to introduce another menu addition.

Here’s the third idea:

Mini Blueberry Waffles – This miniature breakfast item would have blueberries baked in, and would also come with an extra portion on the side. Perfect for the regular guy looking to power up before a day of work, or the athlete who is training for a marathon.

Just think about it…

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Trial Run for the Shake Costume?

St. Paddy's 5k

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Shake #15

Today marked my 15th Shamrock Shake. What a nice way to mark St. Valentine’s Day.

I am officially a third of the way through my 45 Shamrock Shakes. I can’t believe it was little more than two weeks ago when the shake made a return. A mere 30 more to go!


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