Breaking and Entering

Being new to Netflix, and new to chasing a Guinness World Record, I was intrigued when I found the documentary, “Breaking and Entering.” It follows a diverse group of people chasing records for a variety of reasons. Some are seeking fame and fortune, while others are just having a good time. Overall, the movie is entertaining and worth a watch, even if you aren’t looking to rip a zillion telephone books in a minute or ride a stationary bike for a year straight.

The character that made the movie was George Hood. He was looking to set the record for longest stationary bike ride. It was some ridiculous time, like 100+ hours. They do a great job covering his training and the record attempt. Oh, and they also answer the question of what your rear end looks like after sitting on a bike seat for a few days straight!

A significant portion of the film focuses on Michal “The Joggler” Kapral and his quest for the fastest marathon while juggling three objects. I’ve read about him for some time, so it was interesting to learn more about his rather challenging hobby. A 2:50 marathon is impressive. A 2:50 marathon while juggling three objects is awesome. I think all runners can appreciate his quest.

I recommend “Breaking and Entering” and give it 3.5 shakes out of 4.

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Record Run Update

With barely six weeks until the LA Marathon, I am very happy with where I’m at…

The training is going better than expected. My main concern going into this marathon buildup was my left knee, which I injured last fall. When I decided to run LA, I made sure to adjust my training by cutting back on mileage and workouts. This was easy at first, but as I continue to feel better with every passing day, the temptation is there to boost the miles! Additionally, I continue to stretch, get regular massages, use the foam roller and focus on my supplemental PT exercises.

Things are good on the shake and food side too. Eight Shamrock Shakes to date! I have been having them after dinner, as a dessert. One of these days, I’ll mix it up and try one with breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, I still need to try the steak & egg burrito. Being a creature of habit, I mostly keep with the same foods day after day.

As far as fundraising goes, I’m happy to report that we are almost half way to our goal! I am optimistic this total will grow as we near St. Patrick’s Day and the LA Marathon. Thank you to all those who have donated. To those who have not, grab a Shamrock Shake and donate!

Finally, in case you’re wondering, I am supposed to have the shake costume by the beginning of March. I am having a designer custom-make it with synthetic fabric so it will be more breathable (and hopefully faster!). The other nice part is the fact it will be perfectly fitted. And, well, I couldn’t find an off-the-shelf Shamrock Shake costume!

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40 Days to LA

As my buddy says, “Lot of work to do” before the LA Marthon!

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Dreaming of Walking

I know it sounds funny, but lately the idea of walking has been at the forefront of my mind…

It started when I learned a co-worker was going to leave his job to hike the entire Appalachian Trail (AT). That’s right, he plans to hike nearly 2,200 miles over the course of a couple of months. He will carry a pack that weighs about 40 pounds, containing everything he needs.

This really blew my mind. I was impressed by not only the athletic achievement of the hike, but also the idea of the AT experience. What is it about this trail that draws people? Why people put their careers and other life interests on hold to walk two thousand miles? There must be something here!

I started doing a bit of research to better understand what draws people, and keeps them hiking day after day. It didn’t take long to see the lure of the AT. I could see it in the pictures and the personal accounts of hikers. It was the wildlife, the encounters with other hikers and strangers, challenging yourself and learning more about yourself and the world.

I have no idea when, or if, I will ever have the opportunity to hike the AT. And I won’t even pretend I have what it takes to complete such a journey. Or, for that matter, whether I have what it takes to start the journey. But, I really believe there is something almost magical that occurs on that trail, far away from the “normal” world we occupy most of the time. So, on my runs when I slip away from reality for an hour at a time, I will continue to think what it would be like to be walking. Backpack full, the sun shining, heading north on the Appalachian Trail.

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The Future of Awesome II

Here I am, day 3, it is 24×7 Shamrock Shakes and McD’s. All is going great. But, as I mentioned a few days back, there are definitely things I miss eating. With that said, I want to introduce another menu addition.

Here’s the second idea:

Sicilian Pizza – This personal pizza would actually be a square pie, 5″x5″ with dough about an inch thick. There would be two options, cheese and veggie.

Just think about it…

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The Chase is On

Finally got my hands on the Shamrock Shake! I got word the shake was in town around noon today – while I was mid-McRib. No, I didn’t hear about it from the terribly unreliable, but instead from a friend (with an eagle eye). Since it wasn’t near work, I had to wait until after to enjoy the minty milkshake. Finished work, ran a little, then jetted over. I will say, it was worth the wait!

Shake #1

Shake 1 of 45 in the books!

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The Future of Awesome

As I head towards 24×7 Shamrock Shakes and McD’s, I am starting to think more about the foods that I’ll miss. I know it will only be for a little while, but you become attached to certain foods, you know? Then it hit me, if only I could get some time with Chef Dan (head McDonald’s chef) and explain what I think would be awesome to add to the menu!

Okay, Chef Dan is probably a bit busy these days, cooking and rocking out. So, instead, I’ll just share my ideas with you. How lucky for you, huh?

Here is the first idea:

Pretzel M&M McFlurry – Take vanilla ice cream, add Pretzel M&M’s, then a little bit of chocolate sauce.

Just think about it…

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Coming Soon!

Alright, McDonald’s tweeted the Shamrock Shake is “almost back.”

Sorry vanilla. Don’t worry about it chocolate. It’s okay strawberry. Wait, strawberry? Strawberry, you’re still around?!

I know the next couple of weeks are going to be tough for you. But, hey, look at the bright side guys — Shamrock Shake season only lasts a little while. Then, all the attention will turn back to you.

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Run, Shamrock. Run!

On March 17th 2013, I will attempt to break a Guinness World Record at the LA Marathon. Since this will take place on St. Patrick’s Day, I will be completing the race dressed as the world famous Shamrock Shake!

I chose the Shamrock Shake for another important reason… In 1974, proceeds from Shamrock Shake sales funded the world’s first Ronald McDonald House! For more than 30 years, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) has been providing a home-away-from-home for families with seriously ill children.

Here is what I’m going to do:

1. Attempt to break the Guinness World Record for Fastest Marathon Dressed as a Dairy Product

2. Drink a Shamrock Shake a day, up until the marathon (I’ll start as soon as I can find one!)

3. Eat only McDonald’s (once I start drinking the shakes) up until the marathon. Non-McDonald’s water, PowerGel, multivitamin and ibuprofen will be allowed (c’mon, I’m a runner)

4. Get back in marathon shape

5. Stay married. Remain #1 dad to my girl. Convince my family I’m not crazy.

6. Raise as much money as I can for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana

7. Have fun!


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The Ups and Downs of Marathoning

Running is a funny thing. At times you feel like you could go forever and nothing will ever stop you. Then the inevitable injuries and setbacks occur. At these low points, the doubt starts to creep it. Will I ever get healthy? Will the pain ever go away? Will I ever get back to where I was? And on the questions go…

Today was mini breakthrough for me. I managed to go 14 miles. This was my longest run since the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, last November 3. This run brought back the “good pain” associated with pushing your body to a new level. It helped answer a few of those nagging questions, and erase some of the doubts.

Between now and the race of March 17, I know there will be many ups and downs. This is just the nature of training for a marathon. But today, I will enjoy the feeling of optimism that grows from a good run!

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